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2020 Pro-Active Efforts

For 2020, there are several issues PIFC will be pro-actively involved in:

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Climate Change
Mobility Economy

The issue of privacy regulation is still unresolved. Industry-supported legislation to harmonize the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) with existing federal and state insurance privacy rules stalled in 2019. Before commencing another legislative effort in 2020, industry will have an opportunity to participate in the Attorney General’s (AG) CCPA rulemaking that should commence in fall, 2019. At the PIFC Planning Retreat, representatives of both the California Department of Insurance (CDI) and the AG’s offices will be present to discuss next steps. PIFC will actively engage with the AG and CDI on regulation development
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2019 Recap

Overall, this was a strong year for defensive efforts. In 2018, the insurance industry withstood over a dozen “wildfire” bill proposals focused on homeowners insurance. As expected in 2019, many legislators wished to continue skirmishing. After putting down early scares in the Assembly and Senate, the 2019 legislative session ended with some acceptable, incremental reform.

Fortunately, none of the far-reaching proposals from the Governor’s Strike Team report, the SB 901 Commission report or the Insurance Commissioner’s last-minute “wish list” of insurance reforms were enacted into law. However, with the growing number of non-renewals and the scarcity of carriers accepting new business in high-fire risk communities, we should expect challenges in 2020.
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