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March 3rd Primary Results

Politically speaking, PIFC saw a strong showing in the March primary. This primary was unprecedented; the Legislature moved the primary to March 2020, in order to position California to impact the presidential election. That meant early candidate interviews and early funding decisions. Effective campaign activism aids in helping reasonable people get elected. If we leave elections to others, they will control election outcomes, and it is important we do not allow that to happen.

PIFPAC Board Members, staff, and member company representatives conducted several all-day candidate interview sessions in November 2019.  PIFC staff is extraordinarily grateful for the support of, and engagement in, this process by the member companies and PIFPAC
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2020 Election Cycle

After seeing a strong showing in the primary, PIFC staff was able to stay nimble during the pandemic. Since the Governor issued his stay-at-home order, PIFPAC could no longer host traditional fundraisers for PIFC-endorsed candidates. However, while it is important to stay home, time marches on – we will still have an election in November. PIFPAC must continue to support candidates who understand insurance and are receptive to agents’ perspectives.  

Involvement in politics is critical. PIFPAC works to get the best possible candidates to represent districts throughout California.  Our state is politically diverse, and the best candidate will vary depending on where the district is located. So PIFPAC is non-partisan, supporting
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Changing Seats

State legislative seats often end up changing more frequently than current 12 year term limits.  An open State Senate or Assembly seat generally results in trickle down changes through the political ranks in the region where the open seat is.  For example, insurance broker and PIFC supported, Ted Gaines served as California State Senator to District 1, until Mr. Gaines was elected to the State Board of Equalization.  Constituents in Senate District 1 elected Brian Dahle to the Senate Seat, vacating the Assembly District Seat he was serving in.  Assembly District 1 is a solidly Republican seat, one of the most conservative in California encompassing vast stretches of Northern California
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