PIFPAC Webinars

As PIFC staff transitioned to telework, we were able to host three webinars in April and May for PIFPAC members. We took advantage of the opportunity to connect with PIFPAC members and share what was happening here in Sacramento.  

Our PIFC lobbyists gave an in-depth update as to what is happening in the legislature and our PIFC Political Director let us know what happened in the March primary as well as what to expect in November. Tracey Rivera (former PIFPAC Board Member and current Membership Committee member), Kelly Lux (PIFPAC Board Member), and Matt Rinn (Membership Committee member) were each able to join a webinar and speak to the importance of being a contributor – especially now! Since State Farm was not able to host Legislative Days this year, engaging with PIFPAC through our webinars and newsletters is vital.  

Check out some of the highlights here. 

From our first three webinars we saw a grand total of 107 unique PIFPAC members tune in, which resulted in at least 10 upgrades/new members and more than $500 in increased revenue. Further, we are excited to announce that in addition to the quarterly Sacramento Insider, we will be hosting webinars on a quarterly basis so that you stay up to date. Be sure to register for our August 19th webinar now!  

If you need to renew your payment information, please do!  

If you can upgrade your membership, please do, reach out to Bobby John and say you want to increase your contribution! 

If you know of a colleague that needs to get involved, reach out!  

Remember – decisions are made by those who show up. Our lobbyists benefit from being carried on the shoulders of PIFPAC members.  When a bill, good or bad, must be addressed by our lobbyists, PIFPAC members have already created a positive brand around the insurance industry through grassroots activism and have helped elect political leadership who are more reasonable on insurance issues. To upgrade your PIFPAC Membership or ensure it’s up to date contact your PIFPAC Membership Manager, Bobby John. 

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