March 3rd Primary Results

Politically speaking, PIFC saw a strong showing in the March primary. This primary was unprecedented; the Legislature moved the primary to March 2020, in order to position California to impact the presidential election. That meant early candidate interviews and early funding decisions. Effective campaign activism aids in helping reasonable people get elected. If we leave elections to others, they will control election outcomes, and it is important we do not allow that to happen.

PIFPAC Board Members, staff, and member company representatives conducted several all-day candidate interview sessions in November 2019.  PIFC staff is extraordinarily grateful for the support of, and engagement in, this process by the member companies and PIFPAC members.  For a full copy of the PIFC candidate interview guide, click here.

In the March primary, PIFPAC was engaged in 22 races across the state. PIFPAC overall had a great night. Out of those 22, PIFPAC saw twenty wins!

The only two races where PIFPAC did not see a win was in AD 25 and in AD 57. In AD 25, PIFC Endorsed Candidate and insurance agent Anna Song did not advance to the general election.  However our efforts in this district did ensure that another candidate put forward by the trial attorneys (who would have been harmful to insurance and other business interests), did not make it beyond the primary.  In AD 57, a contentious race saw that Sylvia Rubio did not break through to the general election. Democrat Lisa Calderon will face Republican Jessica Martinez in this safe Democratic seat in November.

Your political team is preparing for the general election now. Should you have any questions, please reach out to PIFC Political Director, Caylyn Wright!

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