Get Involved

We want to enlist PIFPAC members in a variety of important relationship building activities with members of the Assembly and Senate, local elected officials, and community leaders. Ways you can become involved with PIFPAC at a grassroots level include:

  1. Attend or host a Fundraiser
  2. Meeting with legislators in Sacramento or in their legislative districts.
  3. Participate in interviews with candidates running for office in your district.
  4. Introduce legislators to civic/community groups.
  5. Provide individual introductions of legislators to specific civic, community, and opinion leaders in your community with whom you have relationships.
  6. Become involved in a political campaign. Activities include phone banking, precinct walking and talking to voters on behalf of a candidate, passing out flyers or registering voters.
  7. Open your office to a political campaign for phone banking or to organize campaign activities.

If you are interested in expanding your role in PIFPAC by getting involved in these or other types of activities, please contact Anya Stewart, Membership Director, at or call 916-442-6646. Please also “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive important updates on California politics.