Allstate Agent Enrollment Form – Monthly Payments

Description of Tier Benefits

All membership tiers receive the same fundamental benefits:

  • A strong voice: Team up with fellow insurance agents to have an influential seat at the political dinner table.
  • Community leadership: Receive invitations and sponsorships to political events in communities across California. PIFPAC pays for your attendance to local political events.
  • Low-overhead: 92%+ of Members’ contributions to PIFPAC go directly making the business of insurance relevant and impactful in California. Zero personal profits are made from member contributions.
  • Day on the Hill: PIFPAC sponsors a portion of Allstate’s Day-on-the-Hill in Sacramento, where agents and employees join together to directly lobby Legislators on issues affecting our industry and businesses.


Leadership Circle Members extra benefits:

  • VIP experiences with Political Leaders:
    PIFPAC will host exclusive political events in both Northern & Southern California.
  • Special recognition & Peer leadership:
    Receive special recognition in the PIFPAC newsletter, mailed to every Allstate agent and employee member in the State. Member names will be listed on the PIFPAC website + you may opt-in to have a hyper-link embedded to optimize your personal website.
  • Invitation to annual “Telephone Town hall”:
    Gain direct insight into California politics, ask questions and get answers, and express your personal opinion to PAC leadership.


*Premier Circle Members VIP benefits:

    • VIP experience at Day on the Hill:
      PIFPAC will host an exclusive political event and arrange a night of hotel accommodation for you the night before the Allstate Day on the Hill.
    • Special Recognition by Political Leader:
      PIFC staff will secure special recognition for you for your community leadership, which you may proudly display in your office.
    • VIP Raffle Drawing:
      At least TWO raffle prizes will be given to win a trip to a limited political event that may include wine tasting, golf, or other memorable experience.
    • Diamond members-only:
      Exclusive-VIP trip to an overnight, destination political event, which may include wine tasting, golf, or other memorable experience.

*In addition to Leadership Circle benefits

Please feel free to email or call PIFPAC Membership Director Anya Stewart anytime with any thoughts or questions
at or (916) 442-6646