2020 Political Goals

On the political front, PIFC is preparing for the 2020 election cycle. It comes early next year; the Legislature moved the primary to March, 2020 in order to position California to impact the presidential election. This means early candidate interviews and early funding decisions. Effective campaign activism aids in helping reasonable people get elected. If we leave elections to others, they will control election outcomes, and it is important we do not allow that to happen.

PIFPAC Board Members, staff, and member company representatives conducted several all-day candidate interview sessions in November.  PIFC staff is extraordinarily grateful for the support of, and engagement in, this process by the member companies and PIFPAC members.  For a full copy of the PIFC candidate interview guide, click here.

Recent elections have made the California Legislature increasingly progressive. Historically, people saw things in terms of the traditional two-party system between Democrats and Republicans. With the decreasing number of Republicans in the State Legislature, there are growing factions within the Democratic Party between moderate business friendly Democrats, and progressive Democrats.

The split between Democrats and Republicans is more pronounced in the Assembly than the Senate:

  • California State Senate – 29 Democrats 10 Republicans (with one open seat)
  • California State Assembly – 61 Democrats 19 Republicans

Given the stronger Democratic super majority in the State Assembly, and the overall smaller size of the Senate, PIFC can have a larger impact getting business friendly Democrats, and Republicans elected to the State Senate. Political Priorities for PIFPAC include focusing heavily on Senate races – including Senate Districts 13, 15, 23 and Assembly Districts 13, 25 and 78.

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