2020 Election Cycle

Elections matter, which is why PIFC takes the 2020 election cycle, and all elections so seriously.  After all, it was the 1988 election with Proposition 103 that led to the organization of the insurance industry around a political cause, and the eventual founding of PIFC.  The building blocks of political success are relationships with those who are successfully elected.  The open seats PIFC is focused on allow opportunity to get to know the candidates, one of whom will be elected to the State Assembly or State Senate.  This is an opportunity for PIFC to get in at the ground level to establish a lasting relationship with the victorious candidate.  This process is not taken lightly, and includes face to face meetings both in the district and in Sacramento, an interview with the PIFPAC Board, significant research and polling before an ultimate decision is made, and discussions with other like-minded, politically involved organizations in Sacramento.

Elections are important not only for PIFC staff, but we appreciate hearing from PIFPAC members.  If you see a local Assembly or Senate Candidate you find particularly compelling, please let us know.  You can contact Anya Stewart your PIFPAC Team at astewart@pifc.org.  Let us know how you see these races playing out as a constituent.

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